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The George Murdoch PrizeThe George Murdoch Prize

Applications are invited for the George Murdoch Prize Lecture, an award (Silver Medal)  given by the ISPO UK Member Society every alternate year in honour of Professor George Murdoch, a founder of ISPO International, a past Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Dundee and a pioneer in modern rehabilitation of amputees.

Professor George Murdoch’s wishes were

  1. That the Lecture, normally be given as an award by application, is a Prestige Lecture in the field of amputation surgery, prosthetics, orthotics and related rehabilitation and bio-engineering given every alternate year at the ISPO UK MS Annual Scientific Meeting
  2. That it is awarded to an individual who demonstrates ‘commitment and real understanding of the patient’s personal problem, assessment, the program of rehabilitation and a measurement of the ultimate outcome’.
  3. That the applicant shows evidence of commitment to the disabled.
  4. He also hoped that the applicant ‘tackled’ the influence of government (in the broadest sense) with respect to attitude, regulations applied and their influence on major events in the patient’s history.

To this effect and to support the above wishes and hopes of Professor George Murdoch, prospective candidates should submit an application with the following:

  1. A Personal up-to-date CV with achievements highlighting work done generally, possibly ‘over and above’ the routine job to show commitment to the specialty, patients and service, and
  2. An essay with a maximum of 5000 words to include research and/or professional work with outcomes (proposed content of Lecture)

The Award winner is expected to present his Lecture at the Annual Scientific Meeting of ISPO UK in 2019.

Applications to be sent to  ISPO UK MS Secretariat at info@ispo.org.uk

Closing Date for applications will be announced in early 2019.

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