ISPO UK ASM 2023 - Free Paper Abstracts

Is the Turbomed XTERN a suitable device for the management of foot drop?

Presenter:  Archie Veale, Orthotist, Blatchford Ltd, UK



The Turbomed Xtern is a relatively new device to the NHS orthotic market for the management of foot drop. Foot drop is a term used to describe an inability to lift the forefoot due to the weakness of dorsiflexors of the foot. This, in turn, can lead to an unsafe antalgic gait, potentially resulting in falls (Nori and Stretanski, 2023). It is a condition commonly treated in Orthotic clinics around the world. The impact of the Xtern appeared to be positive on our clients, however there is limited evidence to back this up.

This report aimed to collect outcome measures to determine if the Xtern is a suitable device for the management of footdrop. Outcome measures trips per month, falls per month, 10metre walk test, timed up and go, and EQ5D5L were collected with existing devices, and again 4-6 weeks after the supply of Xtern.

The data showed that the Xtern reduced the number of trips and falls, reduced the time taken for 10metre walk tests and timed up and go, as well as improving individual’s perceptions of their own health. This report has shown that the Xtern is a suitable device for the management of footdrop.

Reference Nori, S. L. and Stretanski, M. F. (Updated 2022 Jun 25) Foot Drop. Florida, USA: Treasure Island (FL) StatPearls Publishing

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