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Adjusting to change - how a new adjustable socket could revolutionise the rehabilitation journey for trans-femoral amputees


Presenter:  Morven McAlinden, Prosthetist, Otto Bock Healthcare plc, UK


Other authors:  Alan Gordon, Scott Kilby, Alastair Ward


One of the biggest challenges for prosthetic fitting is socket comfort. It is widely accepted as the most important, but most problematic part of a prosthetic limb.   The challenge of socket fitting is complicated by volume fluctuation particularly in the early stages of Rehabilitation. This can slow down the patient’s progress while they await the manufacture of numerous new sockets.  Adjustable sockets come in different forms and have developed over the years to become a viable alternative to the custom made socket. Patient adjustability and clinician adjustability allow for macro, and micro adjustments to be carried out, either in clinic or at home.

In this presentation we will look at the application of the Otto Bock Varos Socket as a solution for those who struggle with volume fluctuation on a daily basis and patients in the early phase of their rehabilitation journey. We will focus on a preliminary study of the Varos socket utilised within a rehabilitation centre specialising in elderly patients with multiple co-morbidities. However, we will also present some subjective, preliminary findings from fittings carried out in the UK.


Evaluation of the new, patient-adjustable socket system Varos in the early phase of prosthetic rehabilitation: a pilot study. Nia A, Toetschinger G, Kubinec T, Domayer S European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 11 Feb 2022, 58(3):462-469

Adjustable-Volume Prosthetic Sockets: Market Overview and Value Propositions TD Klenow, J Schulz Can Prosthet Orthot J. 2021 Sep 21;4(2):35208




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