Report of the 2nd meeting of the SIG: Upper Limb Difference & Acquired Amputation held on 30th April 2021

On Friday 30th April, the second meeting of the ISPO UK Multidisciplinary Special Interest Group for Upper Limb Difference & Acquired Amputation was held via Zoom. The meeting was extremely well attended with in excess of 50 participants representing a cross section of stakeholders. The group continues to grow with further signups following the last meeting. ISPO UK offer a free introductory meeting following which membership of ISPO is required to participate. Membership of ISPO UK does of course provide access to all ISPO UK activities at either no cost or preferential rates. We would like to encourage greater involvement and participation from technicians and need to consider how this can be achieved.

Programme of Events for 2021

We are pleased to share our exciting programme of events planned for 2021 - available to view here. Many of these events are FREE to ISPO UK members - so well worth checking out our membership options too.

Rebuilding P & O Services Post Covid-19 - 3 December Webinar







Full programme with listing of presenters now available here....

Booking Essential - we hope to see you on the webinar!

ISPO 50th Anniversary - Let's Celebrate

This weekend it is 50 years since the ISPO was formed. The first charter was signed by 7- year old Ulla Anderson, a patient of Knud Jensen the Founder and 1st President. This clearly showed that the society has always considered the patient at the centre of its work. It was Professor George Murdoch, the 2nd President who is generally credited for introducing a multi-disciplinary approach to P&O rehabilitation and associated services, and the 3rd President, Anthony Staros, an engineer from USA famously said…….I didn't "get into" the assistive technology field; it grew up around me and I hung on to grow with it. This suggests the essence of ISPO – to respond to needs and develop P&O and AT services and expertise accordingly.

The ISPO has drafted a new Charter that represents current practice. It can be seen on the ISPO International website and I would invite all if you to sign it electronically after which you will be able to download a copy for your office. The names of all those who have already signed is shown on the website.

ISPO UK Webinar Series 2020/21 - LAUNCH EVENT

Rebuilding Prosthetic & Orthotic Services Post Covid-19

Thursday 3 December 2020 at 4 pm

Chair: Carolyn Young, National Programme of Care Manager,
NHSE & NHS Improvement

The first in a series of webinars as part of the ISPO 50th Anniversary Celebrations, this event aims to draw together representatives across all parties involved in Prosthetic & Orthotic service delivery to explore and discuss this urgent and important matter.


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