George Murdoch Prize

Invitation to submit applications for 2022 George Murdoch Prize

It is hoped the next George Murdoch Medal will be presented at the 2022 ISPO UK MS Annual Scientific Meeting and Exhibition to be held on 6 &7 October 2022.

Members of all relevant professional disciplines in the fields of amputation surgery, prosthetics, orthotics and bioengineering are encouraged and invited to submit papers for the consideration by the organising committee. Submissions can only be accepted from fully paid up ISPO members. Your submission should include:-

  • A Personal up-to-date CV with achievements highlighting work done generally, possibly ‘over and above’ the routine job to show commitment to the specialty, patients and service, and
  • An essay with a maximum of 3000 words to include research and/or professional work with outcomes (proposed content of Lecture)
  • Submissions should be e-mailed to
  • The closing date for submissions for the 2022 George Murdoch Prize is WEDNESDAY 31st AUGUST 2022

George Murdoch Prize Medal

This prestigious prize is awarded by ISPO UK MS, in honour of the late Professor George Murdoch, a founding member of ISPO.

Professor George Murdoch’s wishes were

  • that the prestige lecture be in the fields of amputation surgery, prosthetics, orthotics or related rehabilitation and bio-engineering.
  • that it be awarded to an individual who demonstrates ‘commitment and real understanding of the patient’s personal problem, assessment, the program of rehabilitation and a measurement of the ultimate outcome’.
  • that the applicant shows evidence of commitment to the disabled.
  • that the applicant ‘tackled’ the influence of government (in the broadest sense) with respect to attitude, regulations applied and their influence on major events in the patient’s history.

The recipient is awarded the George Murdoch Prize Medal at the ISPO UK MS Annual Scientific Meeting, following a 30-minute presentation. In line with Professor Murdoch’s wishes, the paper and presentation should be based on major research or other original work carried out by the presenter. The subject must be relevant to the fields of amputation surgery, prosthetics, orthotics, rehabilitation or bioengineering.

Previous Winners of the George Murdoch Prize


Award postponed due to Covid pandemic.


Professor Dr Jan H B Geertzen - "Amputation in CRPS: which patient qualifies?"

Pictured: Rajiv Hanspal, Past-President of ISPO, presents the 2018 George Murdoch prize medal to Professor Dr Jan H B Geertzen.


Dr David Moser - “The development of biomimetic hydraulic self-aligning ankles for lower limb amputees”


Dr Rajiv S Hanspal - “Rehabilitation for Amputation and Limb Deficiency – the People, the Process and the Product”


Dr Henk E J Meulenbelt, - "Skin Problems of the Stump in Lower Limb Amputees"

No award presented.


Ms Elaine Owen - “The Importance of Being Earnest about Shank and Thigh Kinematics especially when using Ankle-Foot Orthoses”


Dr Lorraine Graham - “Do energy storing feet benefit transfemoral amputees? A comparative study of conventional and energy storing prosthetic feet using gait and oxygen consumption analysis"


No award presented.


Mr Bill Spence - “Reciprocating Gait Prosthesis for the Bilateral Hip Disarticulation Amputee”


Dr Dipak Datta - “The Intelligent Knee – a multi-disciplinary evaluation in search of evidence”

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