Normal and Pathological Gait and its relevance to rehabilitation following stroke

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18:00 hrs

Welcome - Steve Seccombe, ISPO UK MS Vice-Chair
Introductions & Background - Paul Charlton

18:05 hrs

Orthotic Management of Stroke in the UK: a summary

Joshua Young, Snr Orthotist & Clinical Development Manager -

Joshua Young practices as an Orthotist, with interests including gait and the use of ankle-foot orthoses. He has work published in peer reviewed journals, including articles on lower limb orthotic management in adult neurology.

18:20 hrs

Fact-checking beliefs about normal walking
Elaine Owen MBE MSc SRP

Elaine is a physiotherapist with post-graduate diplomas in lower limb orthotic biomechanics and clinical gait analysis. She has over 40 years of clinical experience, lectures internationally on gait analysis and orthotic interventions, and has a number of peer reviewed published papers, including the orthotic management of stroke.

18:50 hrs

Pathological Gait and Motor Learning

Stephen Ashford PhD, FCSP, FACPIN
Senior Clinical Lecturer & Consultant Physiotherapist -

Stephen has developed, with local, national and international colleagues, a programme of research which builds strongly on his clinical expertise in management of spasticity and the physical aspects of neurological rehabilitation, which incorporates development of outcome evaluation using Goal Attainment Scaling in conjunction with measures such as the Arm Activity measure, the Leg Activity measure and Leg Therapy Recording Schedule. He has an interest in the impact of spasticity on walking/standing and management combined with orthotic provision.

19:20 hrs

A neuro-biomechanical, multi-disciplinary approach to gait rehabilitation

Paul Charlton MSc & Isabel Cary

Paul is a clinical orthotist with a strong interest in research and stroke rehabilitation: In particular, an interest in how orthotic intervention can influence early gait rehabilitation following stroke in conjunction with physiotherapy intervention.

Isabel is a senior neuro-physiotherapist working at the Wolfson Neuro Rehabilitation Centre, London. She provides specialist physiotherapy input in multidisciplinary orthotics and spasticity clinics for inpatient and outpatient adults with neurological conditions.

19:50 hrs
20:20 hrs

Conclusion, Discussion & Close

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