Rebuilding P&O Services Post Covid-19

Rebuilding P&O Services Post Covid-19

3 December 2020, 16.00 – 18.00

Online - Webinar

Covid 19 has inflicted a devastating impact upon the delivery of healthcare services across the NHS, including all aspects of the P&O sector, with patients unable to access appropriate treatment and devices over an extended period.

A direct consequence is an unprecedented backlog of patients, combined with a fragmented re-emergence of P&O Services across the UK. The ability to deliver services at scale has been compromised for the forseeable future, with Orthotic Services, in particular, exceptionally fragile due to inequitable funding models that are likely to prove unsustainable in the short to medium term.

This event, hosted by ISPO UK MS, aims to draw together representation across all parties involved in P&O service delivery. Chaired by Carolyn Young, National Programme of Care Manager, NHSE & NHS Improvement, the format will comprise 6 x 10 minute presentations on a range of topics followed by Q&A sessions and opportunities for discussion.


“User & Clinician Experience” - Presenter: Peter Iliff, Vice-Chair, BAPO

“Best Practice developed during Covid 19” -Presenter: Ian Rodger, Director of Prosthetic Services, Steeper

“Service Prioritisation”- Presenter: Gary Parfett, Prosthetic & Orthotic Service Manager, Livewell South-West

“E-consultations & Digital Technology” - Presenter: Ian Sanders, Orthotic Service Manager, Crispin Orthotics

“MDR” - Presenters: Steve Seccombe, UK General Manager & Beth Foreman, Clinical Excellence Manager, Blatchford

“Service Funding Models” - Presenter: Dominic Hannett, Director of Clinical Services, Opcare

Participants will have the opportunity to ask Questions via the CHAT BOX , with presenters offering responses, together with open discussion at the end of each session. If time permits there will also be opportunity for further open discussion prior to the close of the event.

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