Test Standards for Direct Skeletal Fixation Failsafe Devices: Report on Workshop Aug 2020

A report on the recent Workshop on Test Standards for DSF Failsafe Devices is now available for download here.

The workshop, co-convened by Professor Peter Lee, Director, ARC CMIT, and Professor Sir Saeed Zahedi, Technical Director at Blatchford, arose as a consequence of discussions at the 2019 ISPO UK Annual Scientific Meeting where it was recognised that there is ambiguity between the testing of the implant failsafe mechanism and the structural testing of prosthetics.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the establishment of a test standard for Direct Skeletal Fixation (DSF) failsafe device that is a component of osseointegrated prostheses used by lower limb amputees. DSF requires a failsafe device to protect the bone and implant from mechanical overload.

The report provides a listing of all participants at the workshop, together with areas discussed and key points raised, together with recommendations for a pathway forwards.

Read the full report here.

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