Special Interest Groups

ISPO UK MS is broadening the range of professional activities available to its members by introducing a range of Special Interest Groups which will meet online.

Each forum will provide an opportunitiy for participants to:

  • Engage with professionals with a common interest in the speciality of the group
  • Broaden knowledge through critical analysis, discussion and case studies
  • Identify and, where appropriate, facilitate training and education
  • Identify areas of research with access to the ISPO pool of expertise
  • Invite speakers who are experts in their field
  • Facilitate a friendly and accessible professional support network

Membership of ISPO UK Special Interest Groups will be available for FREE to all ISPO members. Non-members can access one meeting for free, but must then join ISPO to continue engaging.

To join a Special Interest Group of your choice we will ask you to complete a short form with some brief details covering your background, special interests and why you wish to join the group.


Click on the link(s) below for more specific information on each of our Special Interest Groups

- Upper Limb Difference & Acquired Amputation

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