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ISPO is an interdisciplinary society for professionals working in the fields of Prosthetics and Orthotics and in the associated areas of Rehabilitation. The Society has approximately 3,500 members in over 100 countries.

Its aim is to improve the standard of care in these fields by promoting dialogue, disseminating information, and setting and monitoring standards of training.  The society has its headquarters in Brussels and has its own website at www.ispoint.org where details of its origins and aims can be found. 

The members of the society are organised in National Member Societies (NMS) of which there are currently 70. The UK NMS is one of the largest, with a membership of approximately 180. The breakdown of the UK membership by profession is:

Each National Member Society is an autonomous organisation with its own governing body and structure and, within the overall constitution of the Society, is responsible for organising its own activities.

The UK NMS has an elected Executive Committee. Current members of the committee

The UK Society, like other National Member Societies, nominates two representatives to serve on the committee of the international society, based in Brussels.  The two representatives from the UK NMS are normally the current chairman and the immediate past chairman. 

A percentage of the subscription from each member is transferred to Brussels for the running and organisation of the Society and for internationally organised meetings.